Welcome, thanks for visiting.  I enjoy taking photographs for Art, for Products and For events. Every person and every brand has a story to tell, stories that will not only engage, inform, surprise and delight their audience, but stories that will be remembered forever!

Tom Robson is a photographer and filmmaker creating beautiful photographs to and helps clients find the best visual medium for events, portraits, weddings and products.  This latest video features Boss from Woodside Animal Centre and an appeal to help with his medical needs and hopefully find a loving home for him.

Boss is a really sweet-hearted animal cruelty survivor who we’ve been caring for almost a year since he was rescued by an RSPCA Inspector. When he came to Woodside, Boss was severely emaciated with painful eyes and ears and an absolutely awful skin condition. He’s had loads of TLC and veterinary treatment from all our staff who have totally fallen in love with him, but he hates kennel life so we have recently had to find him a long-term volunteer foster family.

Since going to his foster home, Boss has come on leaps and bounds! His fur is looking great and he’s putting on weight, and we’ve never seen him happier. HOWEVER his crucial medication is costing £100 per month, and we need your help to keep caring for him. As a self-funded animal rescue that receives no money from the central RSPCA, the government or the lottery, we rely on the support of members of the public and local businesses to care for our animals.

Despite everything he’s been through, Boss has shown that he is an affectionate, playful fusspot with plenty of love to give and plenty of life left to live. Our target is £1500 which should cover his veterinary bills for the next year. PLEASE DONATE as much or as little as you can now to help us pay for his care AND SHARE to save this lovely boy 💓 xxx

Visit Woodside Animal Centre on Facebook to learn more about the appeal, about Boss and the fantastic work they do providing help and support for animals.

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